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Project MAHI’AI is an OHA funded grant project by Pa’upena Community Development.  The purpose is to increase the capacity of Native Hawaiian farmers around Maui Island to work together and provide their community with healthy locally grown farm products through an online ordering and distribution process that stewards an ’aina momona, healthy lands and people.

The goal of Project MAHI‘AI is to identify and consolidate Native Hawaiian farmers on Maui via a Native Hawaiian farming community online platform that facilitates marketing, ordering and distribution for their products.

Project MAHIAI is a resource for all farmers and ranchers in Maui. To apply, simply complete the online application form, along with signed MOU, and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

Project MAHI‘AI is powered by the Exchange Ave Digital Economy, a mobile platform that allows us to organize items from suppliers within Project MAHI‘AI locations. 

Head over to the shop page for instructions to sign up, browse the market, and interact with our farmers and ranchers.

Congratulations and welcome to the Ohana! You’ll receive a detailed e-mail, welcoming you as a Project MAHI‘AI supplier, with instructions and links to get started.

Exchange Ave is an Ahupua‘a inspired economy, built for Indigenous communities. 

We’ve partnered with Exchange Ave to bring a unique set of tools and functions to our farmers and consumers, allowing them to connect, browse, and make exchanges all within their mobile phone.