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ʻAi Pono Box


Our June ʻAi Pono box will include but not limited to the following food items:

2 lbs poi

Maui grown salad

Dried Mamaki tea



Bone broth

1 dozen eggs


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Welina mai and mahalo for your interest in receiving an ‘Ai Pono box.  The purpose of the ‘Ai Pono Produce Box is to provide Kanaka Maoli access to locally grown farm products.  This project is free to recipients.  This is made possible through support and funding from the First Nations “Strengthening Native Programs and Feeding Families Grant Program” which awarded Pa‘upena Community Development Corporation $10,000 for this project.

By signing up to receive a box you acknowledge that your ʻohana is Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), you understand that that there may be raw eggs, frozen meat, vegetables and fruit included and that produce and fruit should be washed thoroughly.

We can only provide a guaranteed 22 boxes a month.

To receive an ʻAi Pono box:

Step 1) Add an ʻAi Pono Box to your cart (for this program there is no cost for the box).

Step 2) Check out and add your information.

Step 3) Await confirmation email.


Any questions or concerns, if you are unable to share your address, you are encouraged to email and request a produce box at